• "Rocketfuel are very conceptual, creative, organized, thorough and responsive."

    Bill Hartman, Discovery

  • "If you need cool, innovative solutions that give your brand a new life, you want to work with Rocketfuel."

    Christina Muran, Northlands

  • "What started out as just an idea really spiraled into something fantastic!"

    Erin Newell-Lupien, ATCO


  • Trajectory - Platform


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  • Shuttle - Platform


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  • The Accounted

    CPA + Athabasca University

    iOS + Android

Our Work

  • Seek Your Own Proof

    Discovery Kids

    Online, Mobile, Real World

  • Find Your Future

    Careers: The Next Generation

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  • Solar Energy Defenders

    MindFuel + Enmax

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  • Edmodo

    Rocketfuel DSC

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  • Energy Theatre


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  • So You Think You Can Drive

    Office of Traffic Safety

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  • Trail Blazer

    DDB + Syncrude

    Mobile (iPhone + iPad App)

  • Know FASD

    University of Alberta

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  • Teaching Power (Beta)


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ACE Logo
  • 2006 Canadian New Media Awards - Most Promising New Company
  • 2007 KidScreen Summit - "Pitch It!" Winner
  • 2008 Fusion Digital Media Venture Forum - Best of Show
  • 2009 TEC VenturePrize - Grand Prize Winner
  • 2010 Children's Technology Review Award - Seek Your Own Proof
  • 2011 ACE Award: Other Interactive - Seek Your Own Proof
  • 2012 ACE Awards of Distinction: Website & Other Interactive - Careers: The Next Generation
  • 2013 ACE Award of Distinction: Creative Use of Technology - Solar Energy Defenders